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                   2015 Ulsters Update

Sun 7/26/15:
                                    Aussie ! Aussie ! Aussie !
                                              Oy Oy Oy !!
2015 Ulsters Men's Open Champ Jack Maddocks

Finals preview:

Ultimately it was the John McEnroe scenario: it took a code violation for racquet abuse that finally pumped up Jack Maddocks' intensity and made him  come back from a 0-4 deficit and win the next several games going up 7-5, 4-0 and finally win 6-2. With sizzling aces and good defence,Jack marched toward victory as his opponent Nick Jasso's unforced errors piled up. The sound of thunder in the background was matched by the thunderous sounds of the ball being hit by 2 pros who served and hit balls in excess of 100 mph.
It was ( finally) a high quality final between two well matched players who entertained the crowd ( and the dog).

And talking of the dog-Zane the Wonder Dog and official mascot of the 2015 Ulsters- Zane played a pivotal role in Shannon Mulcahy's win over Karen Gill who was cruising along up a set and a break,became tentative and lost the set and then perked up and was up 3-0 in the 3rd with break points to make it 4-0 ...before ending up on the losing end of  6-4. It was a heart breaking loss for Gill but sometimes when you are in the lead you have to put your foot on the pedal rather than the brake. Gill failed to capitalize on her momentum and Mulcahy gradually inched ahead with her dogged determination to get every ball back. In the meantime,Mulcahy got a vote of affirmation from Zane( the Wonder Dog) and managed to get her hands on the trophy.

Shannon Mulcahy with her savior Zane,the Wonder Dog

A very short interview with Wayne Schaeffer, winner of the Men's Senior title ( otherwise known as the Wayne Schaeffer trophy)  
In other matches, winners were:
Senior Women's : Laurie Hedlund
B Women's: Buckham North 
B Men's : Doug Milford
                                                    PICNIC PICS
Karen Gill, Open Women's finalist
Shannon Mulcahy Open Women's champ

B.North was the  B Women's Singles winner

Open Doubles Winners Jack and Nick

Women's Open Doubles winners Lisa Cutten/Karla Wainwright

B Mixed Doubles winners Paul Mushlit/Melissa Bamford

"Why only Zane ? I am a Wonder Dog too!"

B.North and M.Bamford before their match

Elissa Staub,Senior  Women's winner

 Ulsters Finals Preview:
It's going to be:
 USA vs Australia
 Doubles partner vs doubles partner,
Rhinebeck Club pro vs Rhinebeck Club pro
Vassar College vs Appalachian State University
Mano a Mano
Nick Jasso vs Jack Maddocks  
Bob Myerson vs Bob Myerson ( who is he gonna cheer for ?)

Jack Maddocks' power play can be a game changer

Nick Jasso's unusual service motion can be a liability as his legs get wearier

Rhinebeck Tennis Club owner Bob Myerson's lads came through in grand style and will battle for the 2015 Ulsters.
Jack Maddocks is a ranked junior from Australia and with (recently turned) 20 year old legs and a finely tuned 120 mph serve. 
           In fact,he has been so dominant, that he has only conceded 3 games in the entire tournament (to Ravi Ramaswami and Ben Leighton). 
Playing with a western grip and a Oscar Wegner style windshield wiper forehand, he covers the court well but tends to be more defensive than necessary and can have problems with low,skidding  balls. 
Nick Jasso has a well rounded game but has a compact service motion which requires legs to power  and when his legs get tired he tends to double fault.
But expect a humdinger of a match! (The dog will remain awake for this one,for sure !)
Zane,the wonder dog

Women's finals: 
Shannon Mulcahy is a dependable doubles player who is not afraid to attack the net. Her serve is not fancy but lands in and her strokes have won her several matches.However she likes to shorten points and needs to close out points quickly-especially in hot weather.
Karen Gill has relatively flat strokes but her intensity is anything but flat. Her service motion is inconsistent especially under pressure.
This should be a competitive match !

 Mulcahy likes short points but can she finish off the points quickly ?

Will Karen's serve hold up ?

Senior finals:
It will all boil down to how accurately Scott Taylor can thread the needle and how attacking Wayne Schaeffer plays. Should be interesting.

Schaeffer is at his  best when he attacks early

Scott Taylor likes to aim at targets. Will his arrow hit the target ?
B Men's:
Doug Milford vs  Jake Guralnick
Doug does have consistent strokes but Jake can be dangerous in tight situations and everything will be based on  first serve percentages.

Milford's consistency is the key
B Women's:
Buckham North vs Melissa Bamford

North is steady off both sides but  Bamford is an experienced match player who can keep the ball in play and is very intense on the court. Long match ? Possibly !
North needs to remain steady

Bamford needs to keep her intensity up
Finals begins at 9 am with Senior Women's 
and B Men's: Doug Milford vs Jay Guranick 
and B Women's: Melissa Bamford vs Buckham North
11 am : Senior Men's: Wayne Schaffer vs Scott Taylor
1 pm: Open Women's : Karen Gill vs Shannon Mulcahy
3 pm: Open Men's : Nick Jasso vs Jack Maddocks
Free food !!!

Sat 7/25/15:
Maddocks in finals ! 
 In a display of power and 100 mph serves, Jack Maddocks allowed Ben Leighton only 3 games in a power packed ( from both players) semi finals. Leighton paid the price for his impatience but exhibited smart thinking on court  keeping Maddocks on his toes and moving him around in the first set before Maddocks raised his game a notch and finally started attacking.

Jasso defeats Holzmann to enter finals !
Jasso serving his way out of trouble

Nick Jasso of Team Rhinebeck beat #1 seed Shawn Holzmann to enter the finals. With his pin point serving -peppered with double faults-Jasso served his way out of break points but his reverse forehand was inconsistent and his focus wavered allowing Holzmann to take the 2nd set to a tie break. But Jasso managed to win that.
Shawn Holzmann had his hands full most of the match against Nick Jasso

 In the women's semis,straight set wins for Karen Gill and Shannon Mulcahy who will meet tomorrow for the title.



  Women's semifinals : Karen Gill d Claudia Brown
                                     Shannon Mulcahy d Tammy Croote
  Men's Senior: Wayne Schaeffer d Mark Chalfin
Mark Chalfin

Wayne Schaeffer

Full schedule of matches-->--->--->

Fri 7/24/15:

Semifinals set !

Jack Maddocks d Ravi Ramaswami
Shawn Holzmann d Steve Hack
Ben Leighton d Alec Cohen
Nick Jasso w/o Lucas Krawoski

In the longest match of the day, Jack Maddocks overcame Ravi Ramaswami in the Men's Open quarterfinals. Despite a spirited resistance from Ravi and most of the games going to deuce, Maddocks manged to power his way through to the last four.

 ( And the dog did not sleep watching this match).

Joining Maddocks in the semis were Ben Leighton over Alec Cohen,Shawn Holzmann over Steve Hack and in the easiest match of the day Nick Jasso over Lucas Krawowski ( walk over i.e.).
Steve Hack failed to attack while....

......Shawn Holzmann played attacking tennis in his win

Ben Leighton was impressive

Alec Cohen : too many unforced errors

Marquee Matches : Men's Open Singles

Is the # 2 seed going to be another shrimp on the barbie ?

"How can it be a 'marquee match' when a top ranked junior from Australia,who plays Division 1 college tennis is pitted against someone almost three times his age ?" That's what angry legislators wanted to know in a hastily convened Senate hearing.
                                 Jack Maddocks, is a high ranking Australian junior who has played for Appalachian University in singles and doubles and who says his last mixed doubles partner was ranked 
# 50 in the world ! Currently a teaching pro at Bob Myerson's Rhinebeck Tennis Club, he will be facing 
Ravi Ramaswami at 5.30 pm at Forsyth Park.

 In adjacent courts three more marquee matches will take place-each one promising to be exciting:

-The Hacker,Steve Hack , takes on reigning Ulster County champ Shawn Holzmann 

-Former Ulsters champ ,Lucas Krawoski plays Rhinebeck pro Nick Jasso

-Jayminator eliminator Alec Cohen takes on Ben Leighton

At MJM Seniors Singles gets going also at 5.30 pm:
- # 2 seed Scott Taylor plays his first match against  PAul Dropkin
-Brooklyn's Mark Chalfin plays against Don Guidi
- Former Seniors finalist Johan Johnson plays John Shelton

Thu 7/23/15:

Ravi Ramaswami d Dylan DeBiase(above)
Ben Leighton d Bill Blake 
Lucas Krasowski  d Vern Chrisjohn 
Steve Hack d Jesse Chalfin  
Alec Cohen d Jay Han in 3 sets
Jesse Chalfin

Steve Hack
Retrievers battle it out !
No one can out hack Steve 'The Hacker' Hack. Jesse Chalfin found that out in his match when he was out hacked,out retrieved and outlasted. Generally, unforced errors play a major role in matches but in  a battle of retrievers it is completely about unforced errors and Jesse made a lot of them especially at the net. Though the first set went to 7-5,the second set was a tame affair.
                                              The grudge match between The Jayminator and Alec Cohen lived upto its hype and was a 3 setter 4-6,6-4,7-6  with Alec Cohen prevailing 7-5 in the tie-break. Both players missed opportunities to go ahead and had break points gone awry. But the match sure set the courts on fire in contrast to the easy wins Team Rhinebeck (Nick Jasso and Jack Maddocks) had in theirs.
In other matches, Ravi Ramaswami beat Dylan DeBiase and former Ulster champ Lucas Krawoski overcame a groin strain to oust Vern Chrisjohn.

Marquee Match:

The Jayminator, Jihyuk Han(above), takes on Alec Cohen who beat him in 3 tight sets last year. This much anticipated revenge grudge match which has created a media frenzy will take place at 5.30  pm at MJM
Other (no-media-frenzy) Forsyth Park matches at 5.30:
Steve Hack vs Jesse Chalfin 6-2, In progress
Lucas Karwowski vs Vern Chrisjohn In progress
Ben Leighton d Bill Blake
Ravi Ramaswami d Dylan DeBiase 6-1,6-1
Doug Milford vs John Dorfner (B Men's)
Jacob Guralnick vs Mike Dunn ( B Men's)
Lori Witty vs Laurie Hedlund  (Sr. Women's)
Mike Hale vs Chris Lay (Sr. Men's)
Wed 7/22/15:

Early round Men's Open Singles results ------->

Sunday 7/19/15:  

Team Rhinebeck takes Doubles Crown !!

Team Rhinebeck Tennis Club: Nick Jasso and Jack Maddocks
 Not that there was too much doubt in anyone's mind the way they knocked off the top seeds earlier in the week,but they still had to cross the finish line. They did that in grand style over Tom Turco/Scott Taylor who,to their credit,put on a spirited display as the Rhinebeck duo powered their way to victory firing down-the-middle aces and exhibiting their deft volleying skills.

"Even the dog fell asleep..."

Holzmann/Mulcahy win agonizing (to watch) 3 setter and claim
2015 Mixed Doubles Crown !

Undoubtedly the sloppiest,and most agonizing (to watch) Mixed Doubles finals ended with Shawn Holzmann/Shannon Mulcahy prevailing in 3 sets over  Karen Gill/Matt Canzonetti who squandered multiple opportunities to take the match away and were actually up a set and a break before becoming totally clueless strategically.(Blame it on the oppressive heat). A cramping Holzmann was ably supported by Mulcahy and the duo thankfully ended everyone's collective misery by coming through at match point.

Even the dog fell asleep during the Mixed Doubles Finals
Matt Canzonetti kept cool with an ice bag during the match but it still didn't help
The B Mixed Doubles was infinitely more exciting as Melissa Bamford/Paul Mushlit won the title in a 3rd set super tie break

In the senior doubles, # 1 seeds Tom Turco/Ravi Ramaswami won in the 3rd set Match tie-break 10-7 against
 # 2 seeds Scott Taylor/Ed Rogers.  The #1 seeds won the first set 6-2,and had a point to go up 2-0 when Ravi missed a sitter overhead and then Ravi/Tom proceeded to lose the set. In the tie-break they came back from 0-4 to win 10-7.

Selfie time:
Ravi,Tom,Ed and Scott

Open Doubles: Team Rhinebeck powers into finals !

Bob Myerson,owner of Rhinebeck Tennis Club, was right when he expressed confidence in his team of  Division 1 collegiate players. Jack Maddocks ( Appalachian University) and Nick Jasso ( Vassar College).   In what looked like a payback ,top seeded Shawn Holzmann and Andrew Constant were beaten by the identical score they had bestowed on the Total Tennis pros the previous night: 6-0,6-1. 

Holzmann's loss in the Open Doubles laid to rest speculation about a repeat three-peat this year for him.

 In other matches,PaulMushlit/Melissa Bramford ( the #1 B Mid Hudson League Mixed Doubles team) cruised to the finals over BuakhamNorth/Doug Milford. But Doug Milford teamed with youthful Nick Malvai beating Gary Cohen/Sean Denvir in the B Doubles. In the other half , a tight match featured Mushlit and Scott Mallen vs Jacob Guralnick/Larry Lux where the latter won 10-6 in the 3rd set match tie-break.
In the Women's B Doubles finals, Lisa Cutten/Elisa Staub beat 
Karla Wainwright/Melissa Bamford in another tight,tight match 7-5,7-6 (5).
In the Open Mixed Doubles, top seeded  Holzmann and Mulcahy breezed into the finals where they will  encounter more resistance than previous rounds, against Karen Gill/Matt Canzonetti.

Open Doubles: 2nd seeds advance!
Tournament Directors Scott Taylor and Tom Turco advanced to the Open Double Finals
 The first 3 games were a nightmare but after being down 0-3,Tom and Scott came back to take charge and win over hard hitting Rob Sohm and Vern Chrisjohn in straight sets.
Tom also paired with Ravi Ramaswami to enter the Senior Doubles finals where they will take on Ed Rogers and Scott Taylor.
                                     Meanwhile,top seeded Shawn Holzmann and Shannon Mulcahy played Tom Delia and Joan Mena (seen below)

Senior Mixed Doubles Cliffhanger !

Lisa Cutten and Johan Johnson pulled off a very hard fought match 12-10 in a 3rd set match tie break against Karla Wainwright and Tom Turco. Bob and Lora Witty also had a 10-6 3rd set match tie break win over Scott and Jody Mallen.
Other results:
Open Mixed:
 Karen Gill/Matt Canzonetti (1) d Cindy Kowalewski/JoeKellog
Matt Canzonetti serves as Karen Gill gets ready to volley

Johan Johnson
Lisa Cutten

Tom Turco

Karla Wainwright 

Paul Mushlit

 Buakham North

Doug Milford

Melissa Bamford

                                  Totalled !!!
                 #1 Doubles Seeds  Devastating !
If Andrew Constant/Shawn Holzmann (#1 seeds Open Doubles) were expecting a stiff resistance from the Total Tennis pros,Louis Luret and Jesse Chalfin,  they certainly left the court disappointed (but exhilarated) at their lopsided victory: 6-0,6-1. With a combination of power and finesse,Constant and Holzmann completely dominated their opponents and showed they were  contenders for the doubles crown. Their next match up should be very exciting as they meet the pros from Rhinebeck,Jack  and Nick tomorrow evening.

Shawn Holzmann/Andrew Constant before their match
 Meanwhile 2nd seeds Tom Turco and Scott Taylor continued their trek to the semi finals where they meet Chrisjohn and Sohm who had a nail biting win ( 10-8 in the 3rd set match tie break) over the experienced pair of Canzonetti and Metze.
Chris Metze and Matt Canzonetti
 In another match up,the Rhinebeck pros Nick and Jack under the watchful eyes of their boss Bob Myerson, had an easy win over Vic Ricci and James Morrison.
Jack Maddox' 100 mph serve

Schedule for Saturday 7/18/15:
Plenty of matches . See schedule on the right !!  

                Team Total and Team Rhinebeck win ! 
                   Team Sportsplex not that lucky !!

Aadil Malick and David Smith before their match

Sporting in every way: David Soares and Bob Stevens

As the first matches of the 2015 Ulsters got underway,Thursday's action included teams from 3 local tennis clubs competing-though not against each other. While Bob Myerson's pros (Nick Jasso and Jack Maddocks) from the Rhinebeck Tennis Club got an easy win,their counterparts Louis Luret and Jesse Chalfin,pros at Ed Fondiller's Total Tennis ,playing in the adjacent court had an easy time as well.
Not so for Mike Savage's Sportsplex team. The 3rd seeded duo of Nick Hummel and John Zerbo, went down to Total Tennis pro Vic Ricci and Woodstock Tennis Club player James Morrison.
Total Tennis pros Louis Luret/Jesse Chalfin  

 In otVern Chrisjohn and Rob Sohm had to battle Johan Johnson and Ed Rogers in a second set tie break before advancing.
The first and second seeds (Shawn Holzmann/Andrew Constant and Tom Turco/Scott Taylor) had a relatively easy route to the second round though Bill Blake/Don Guidi  gave Tom and Scott some nervous moments.
                              Ed Rogers and Lou Duke had to shake cobwebs off  as they struggled to beat Ray Amell and John Shelton 6-2,7-5.
Super Senior title holders Lou Duke/Ed Rogers trudged along to victory in the first round


  1. The first set of the men's open final was actually 7-5.