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                 R.I.P.  Seth Nadel


It is with deep regret that we inform you of the demise of Seth Nadel. Most local tennis players knew Seth as the owner of Tiger Racquet and Fitness Club in Kingston where many of us played in the 1980s and 90s. He later went on to manage the Poughkeepsie Tennis Club. Seth was also an accomplished artist and has had several of his paintings of Poughkeepsie installed at the Civic Center and also exhibited at several locations.

          Wish you all a Merry Christmas
             and the best of the season.
Since League Players like to raise the bar in excellence, here is an incredible version of  'O Holy Night' ,which gets better as the song progresses-like a hard fought tennis match !!
                       Good news !!
 The tennis courts at Forsyth Park and Saugerties are finally approved for renovation ! Here is a news article about the Forsyth Park renovation plans: 

Tennis at Forsyth Park
                                         Video of Ron Woods talking about tennis in Ulster County

This could not have been possible without Ron Woods,the benevolent donor and patriarch of tennis in Ulster County,  the folks at MHVTA,the support Mayor Gallo of Kingston,Parks and Recreation official Kevin Gilfeather and especially YOU the League Players who have supported tennis in the area by participating in Leagues, tournaments or just having the desire to play tennis !!
                        THANK YOU !!
Grand Champion : ALL participants

Other winners:

Men's A Singles:
Ravi Ramaswami

Men's B Singles Division 1 : 
 Michael McNicholas

Men's B Singles Division 2 : 
 Bob Nicol 

Women's B Singles:
 Melissa Bamford

C Singles: 
Dennis Jones 

Super Senior Singles:
Larry Arvidson

Super Seniors Doubles
Larry Arvidson/Bruce Sumber

Men's B Doubles:
Ed Biro/Joe Reilly  

 Women's C Doubles:
 Francine Wizner/Donna Viertel  

A Mixed Doubles:
Milly Back/Ravi Ramaswami 

B Mixed Doubles:
 Melissa Bamford/Paul Mushlit   
Congratulations to all League Players for yet another successful season. Have a great indoor season !!
           The heroes of the League
These two League players went out of their way to play in the League:
Donn Viertel cut her finger carving turkey but an improvised bandaging technique by her opponent Dr. Francine Wizner made her ready to serve ! Another innovative use of the over grip tape !!

 Michael McNicholas ,who won the B division singles, used to travel all the way south of New Paltz-all the way from Marlboro- to play in League matches !!

What I did for love.....
League Players love tennis and go out of their way to express their love for tennis. Here is a pictorial montage to some of them.

  Here are some examples of how much our League Players love tennis and/or how they express it:
David White,The Terminator 2, has tennis tattooed on his arm !
Not to be outdone,The Terminator Greg Tellier is so passionate about the game that he is known to  punch  his racquet strings during a match !
The Terminator (R) and sparring partner even played on Xmas eve-outdoors !
Kevin Dodd has played many matches in pouring rain
High Priestess Milly Back's iconic picture of  practicing in the rain
And this player did not let the prospect of a tick or Lyme disease interrupt his tennis !
Scott Rubinstein goes to play tennis even in a snow storm !
And Francine Wizner really,really loves tennis !!

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