Wednesday, January 18, 2012

3 Best Tennis Web Sites

Best Tennis Web Sites 

Looking for some winter tennis reading ? 

Our IT ( Information Technology) department has just released its list of the top 3 tennis web sites :                                              

Jeff Salzenstein

For those who don't know Jeff, he is a NCAA All-American champion who cracked the top 100 in the world. It is notable that he was the first person to jump back into the top 100 after the age of 30. He works out of his tennis teaching center in Denver,Colorado and publishes tennis tips for FREE on his web site. He is one of the most passionate tennis coaches around and is also available for hire as an online coach. He recently created a forehand tennis lesson package (Tennis Forehand Solutions) that is absolutely great and guaranteed to take your forehand to the next level. Jeff is also available,at a reasonable fee, to personally critique your tennis strokes video.

League Player Ravi Ramaswami practices Jeff Salzenstein's  forehand  on Xmas eve.

Brent Abel

Brent Abel is a teaching pro out of California. Unlike many coaches, he still actively plays tournaments and has been the National 60s champion in both singles and doubles. He has many free tips on his web site, free webinars and also great lessons for sale. For a small fee, he can review any of your tennis strokes videos on which he then superimposes corrections with a voice over which is very neat.

John Yandell is a tennis pro whose passion is video graphing pro tennis players in ultra slow motion. His web site is the best subscription tennis web page on the net. Not only do you get stroke analysis of various pros but also tons of articles from the who's who of the tennis world. This site is truly a treasure trove for the student of the game.                                    
So as you get ready for the 2012 Spring League, sharpen your tennis strokes by visiting these sites !


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